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The science behind modern brush lettering

February 26, 2016

When you first start off with brush lettering, you will probably write in a straight line, where all of your letters sit on the same baseline. As you progress further into brush lettering, you may see more ‘modern’ styles of brush lettering, where letters seem to bounce around. You want to imitate  that. You’ve tried and tried, but something just doesn’t look right. How is it done, exactly?

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Best brush pens for beginner brush letterers

February 14, 2016
Best brush pens

Previously, I wrote a post covering my top three favourite brush pens of all time. Those brush pens however, may not be the best for those starting out with brush lettering (or brush calligraphy). When you start learning brush lettering, you don’t really want to fuss around with the brush pen you’re using. Rather, you want to focus on getting the letter forms correct and getting your thick and thin strokes in the right place. For this, you’ll need a brush pen that is flexible but still stiff enough to give you the control you’ll need when brush lettering. A well designed brush pen will have a tip that holds its shape; it flexes easily but still returns to its original shape for hairline upstrokes.

For the past year, I’ve been learning new tips and techniques to further improve my brush lettering. Through this journey, I’ve found some of the best brush pens to use for a beginner trying to learn brush lettering.  Continue Reading

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Free Brush Lettering Wallpaper

September 1, 2015

For a while now, I’ve wanted to change my desktop wallpaper to a brush lettering design that I’ve made myself. And finally, I have. I’ve also decided to share it with you guys, free to use. If you’re interested in these and want to see more free downloads, let me know. To save the image, right click>save image as. I’ve made two colours so you can switch between the two as you please

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